Note from the Commodore

Hello sailors,

It's finally summer, hurrah! We hope you'll make great use of the club boats and facilities this summer. Just a few reminders to make sure the summer runs smoothly:

1) Sign your boats out! This is a safety issue. Names and times AND locations, please!

2) There are no house elves at Westwood! Many hands make light work. Mow the lawn, sweep the clubhouse, take out the garbage, tidy up the boats, pick up garbage, empty the recycling bin, take the bins (garbage AND recycling) out on Thursday nights, do dishes, put away dishes, throw gross food in the fridges out, sweep/mop the kitchen/change room floors, etc. If you want to help but aren't sure where things are, please ask and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction!

3) The clubhouse is not a home for wayward stuff. Please take all your gear with you or leave it in the change rooms.

4) If there is a problem with a boat, make a note on the whiteboard. We can't fix it if we don't know about it. If it's easy to fix, consider just going ahead and fixing it!

5) If we're out of something, let us know. We keep basics stocked but don't always know when we're low on stuff.

6) LOCK UP! Don't leave change rooms unlocked. If you're the last one at the clubhouse at the end of the day (or the only one at the clubhouse and you're going sailing), you are responsible for doing a last look to make sure all sheds and buildings are locked up (and lights and gas are off!). Don't want to be responsible for this? Don't be last to leave!

7) CANSail 2 level sailors are reminded that their limits are wind speeds of 10 knots and you must not go past the Eastern Gap (so stay within sight of Cherry Beach). Don't dig these limits? Take CANSail 3!

8) We need people to cook Thursday night dinners! Sign up on the Google sheet.

Have an amazing summer and thanks in advance for your help making Westwood run smoothly.