• Completion of CANSail 2, White Sail III, or Helms Test

  • Current Westwood member in good standing.

Sailors are introduced to more advanced sailing techniques, including sail trim and boat tuning.

Successful completion of this course certifies you at the Sail Canada CANSail 3 level (previously called Bronze Sail IV). To learn more about the new CANSail program, click here.

CANSail 3 Lessons cost $125 for 2019 Westwood full members.

Session I

Weekday (PM)
June 3 - July 3

  • Monday & Wednesday

  • 6 pm - 9 pm

  • Plus Graduation Party

Additional CANSail 3 classes may be scheduled subject to demand. If you're interested in signing up, email

NOTE: Class dates are subject to change. A complete schedule of class dates and special events are provided to you at your first class.