Notice of Race, Official Westwood Sailing Club Milk Carton Sailboat Race Rules


Saturday, August 26, 2017

Race starts at 4:30 pm (Westwood time) Just show up to join in or watch the fun!

Race Entry Rules

  1. Craft must be wind-powered (this means that craft utilizing clever deployment of propellers, helium containers, rockets, solar panels, etc. will be disqualified).
  2. You can use up to four 2-litre cardboard or plastic milk or juice cartons to build the hull of your sailing masterpiece, using less than 4 cartons is also acceptable.
  3. The cartons must form the main component of the vessel's floatation and the cartons' main characteristics must be maintained (i.e. you can't disassemble the cartons and build something with the parts). The hull at water level must be able to be contained in a square that is 2.5 feet on each side (a 30" x 30" square).
  4. There are no restrictions on the rigging or sails. (So, Kevlar sails and carbon fibre masts are allowed as well as wooden dowels and plastic bags!)
  5. The regatta will be comprised of five (5) individual races, with each race being one leg, and organizers will attempt to set a downwind race (Mother Nature permitting). The Races are run from dock to dock or dock to duck-spit or vice-verse dependent on wind conditions. There will be no throwouts.
  6. Entry fees have been waived again this year due to the generosity of our sponsors.
  7. The race will be subject to standard milk carton sailboat racing rules. Any amendments to the rules will be posted prior to the start time.
  8. The race committee and Westwood Sailing Club are not responsible for damage to the entries during the race.
  9. The decision of the race committee is final and not subject to appeal, including rulings on design infractions.
  10. The starting time of the race will be at 430 pm Westwood time, which means approximately 430 pm, give or take a couple of beers.