Come Race With Us

Due to its flexible nature as both a training boat and an all weather dinghy, the Albacore and the Albacore racing series in Toronto has one of the largest fleets in the world. It's also one of the largest one-design fleets of any type in Canada. If you are interested in racing there are several ways to get going.

Friday Night Race Series

The Friday night series is typically a larger fleet and probably the best place to start for beginner racers. The series consists of a mix of community club boats with randomly drawn teams of skipper & crew, and private boats starting at 6pm every Friday. There is only 1 race per evening and results for the series are tracked individually by Skipper, Crew and displayed on the Albacore class website. All full time Westwood members are allowed (encouraged) to sign-up. Note members who do not have their Skipper status must sign-up as a crew.

Harbour Master Series

The harbour master series consists of community club and private boats with the first gun at 1pm on selected Sunday's and consists of 2 individual races. There is no sign-up for this event so skippers / crews must agree and can train together before / after the race. Members who race must be full time and to helm the member must have their Skipper status. Series results are combined and tracked individually by Skipper, Crew and displayed on the Albacore class website.


Throughout the year each community club will host a local regatta (typically on a Saturday) which is a 1 day event (all day) starting (first gun) at 11am and consisting of 4 or more races. Following each regatta is an awards ceremony, dinner and a party. All members are encouraged to participate.

Also throughout the year for the serious racer there are various championship regattas, often requiring travel and are 2 or 3 days in length. Again they will be followed by awards and party.

Learning Resources

YouTube is a treasure trove of learning resources. Here are a few featuring footage from our races. Our YouTube channel has more playlists.