Who's interested in a CANSail 4 Course?

We just broke a record this year with 24 sailors earning their Bronze certification! So we thought, why stop at Bronze? Why not go for CANSail 4?

What is CANSail 4?

CANSail 4 helps you to apply your sailing skills in any type of boat (single / double handed) and is part of the Learn to Sail Fast stage of Sail Canada's LTSD (Long Term Sailor Development) program. For more information, check out Sail Canada's overview of the CANSail program.

Who is it for?

This is for Westwood members who have achieved their CANSail 3 (or Bronze 4) certificate, and possibly Skipper level sailors who have no Sail Canada certification.

What we want to know

How interested would you be in taking a CANSail 4 course?

Details are in the works, but we'd like to know what to expect in response. Please contact us using this form and choose VICE-COMMODORE as the subject.