Class Scheduling and Impact on Boat Availability

Please note the following class scheduling news that may impact boat availability.

Cat School is now running on Mondays and Wednesdays, in the evening. Cats (all Hobie 16 and Nacra 500) will not be available for recreational sailing. There will also be a Saturday session, on October 8.

CANSail 4 is now running on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This course requires 5 Albacores; given the advanced skill focus, it is expected that Ovingtons (i.e., newer boats with higher sail numbers) will be reserved, and that Skills Training or recreational sailing will use older boats. There will also be some Sunday sessions.

CANSail 1/2 make-up classes (due to several nights of poor wind) will require five boats on Tuesday, Aug 23 and Tues, Aug 30. Together with CANSAil 4, this means there will be no Albacores available (resulting in cancellation of Skills Training on those nights). There will also be a full class (10 boats) on Saturday, Sep 3.

We appreciate this may also cause some disruption to social sail and dinner.

A complete schedule has been posted in the clubhouse.