Your 2019 Executive Committee


Stephanie Stalinski, Commodore

The Commodore shall be the chief executive director and shall be responsible for the management of the Club.

  • The Commodore chairs the monthly Executive meetings and annual general meetings of the membership

  • He/she provides leadership to Executive team, and ensures that individual executive members are managing their portfolios

  • If individual member questions or concerns are of a sensitive nature and/or cannot be handled by the appropriate Director, then the Commodore often handles these situations

  • The Commodore often liaises with Commodores of other community sailing clubs on issues of mutual concern

  • In order to run for Commodore, a member must have previously served on the Club Executive


Gill Lockett, Vice Commodore

The Vice Commodore shall act as chief executive director in the absence of the Commodore and shall be responsible for training and safety.

The Vice Commodore is responsible for all aspects of training:

  • Hiring and managing instructors

  • Scheduling courses, maintaining class registration lists, monitoring classes and ensuring course graduates receive their CYA certificates, etc.

  • Scheduling and managing Rigging clinics

  • Keeping members Handout current and available to all new members

  • Monitoring and addressing safety matters

  • He/she manages the club, and chairs meetings in the absence of the Commodore

Mary Free, Past Commodore

The Past Commodore shall be a director ex officio of his/her position as immediate Past Commodore. After a Commodore completes a one-year term, they will serve an additional year as Past Commodore. This advisory role provides continuity to the current Executive on club matters.


Amanda Bobyk, Social Director

The Social Director shall be responsible for the social activities sponsored by the Club.

The Social Director responsibilities include:

  • Planning the Club's parties ( e.g. ticket sales, promotion, food, music, clean up). Annual club parties typically include:

    • an inter-club crawl in May

    • an SOS (Start of Season) party in early June

    • Pig Roast in August

    • Champagne Brunch

    • Commodore's Ball

  • Recruits volunteers to plan events, or contribute to planned activities

  • Organizes periodic events over winter (e.g. Xmas gathering, pub night, etc.)


Norma Draper, Treasurer

The Treasurer shall administer the financial affairs of the Club. He/she is responsible for maintaining proper accounting records, preparation of budgets and financial statements, banking, cash control, and appropriate regulatory filings.

Treasurer's responsibilities include:

  • Developing and monitoring an annual club budget

  • At the beginning of the year, the Treasurer and the Executive decide on a budget for each portfolio based on planned activities, and on some fiscal assumptions

  • Handling revenues from membership and social activities

  • Filing taxes, as well as Quarterly HST filings

  • Monitoring and reconciling the Club accounts and investments

  • Accounts Payable - bills such as phone, Hydro, etc.

  • At the end of the fiscal year, the Treasurer is responsible for assisting the auditors in putting together the annual financial report

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Jennifer Li, Membership Chairperson

The Membership Chairperson shall be responsible for marketing, membership recruitment and scheduling, and maintenance and publication of the membership list.

Responsibilities include:

  • Planning and execution of an annual membership drive each spring

  • Updating, printing, and distributing brochures to market club

  • Organizing information events and club open houses

  • Maintaining the membership phone line/voice mail and web email; timely response to membership inquiries

  • Placing advertisements in local newspapers

  • Maintaining a current roster of membership contact information

Yolanda Ferrato, Secretary

The Secretary shall perform all the duties normally required of a corporate secretary.

Responsibilities include:

  • Records minutes of Executive Meetings, and general membership meetings

  • Assists the Commodore in keeping meetings on track

  • Record-keeping and archives, maintaining copies of Club bylaws and policies

Maxim Newby, Race Chairperson

The Racing Chairperson shall be responsible for the entry of Club boats into races, running the Club Regatta and organizing other racing events and race training sessions.

This position is responsible for the Club's racing program.

Responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating summer race schedule with other clubs

  • Organizing Friday night race draws - posting of sign-up lists, doing draws for Friday nights, monitoring racers' attendance on Friday

  • Organization of Westwood Regatta - promotion, registration, race committee, tabulation of scores, prizes

  • Organizing any race training sessions

  • Arranging year-end racing prizes

George Peterson, Property Manager

The Property Manager shall be responsible for overall management of the Club site. This will include safety, security, and maintenance of the Clubhouse, docks, and equipment lockers.

Responsibilities include:

  • Organizing repairs or upgrades to clubhouse, decks, lockers, tool sheds and docks

  • Co-ordinating special project days like dock installation and removal

  • Keeping the lawn well-groomed

  • Club security, e.g. locks, gates


Ryan Carter, Clubhouse Convenor

The Clubhouse Convenor shall be responsible for care of the Clubhouse facilities and management of Clubhouse supplies.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Stocking the club refrigerator with beverages; maintains water supply for cooler

  • Maintaining kitchen supplies such as plates, plastic cutlery, cups, napkins/paper towels, cleaning supplies, flipchart paper for Boat sign out list, etc.

  • Ensuring garbage and recycling is removed from Clubhouse

  • Keeping the Clubhouse and bulletin boards in a clean and appealing state


Mansi Modi, Communications Director

The Communications Director shall be responsible for Club website and email communications.

Responsibilities include:

  • Liaising with Membership to maintain a current list of member emails for the email newsletter

  • Writing and distributing regular member email newsletter to keep members informed and engaged in club activities.

  • Maintaining website with current announcements and calendar of activities

  • Acting as privacy officer for club

  • Responding to or triaging email inquiries sent in through website


Bill Shore, Fleet Captain

The Fleet Captain shall be responsible for the maintenance of the Club boats and related equipment.

Responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing maintenance of the Club's fleet of Albacores, Hobies, Lasers, and two power boats

  • Appointing and supervising Boat Captains to ensure boats are well maintained

  • Maintaining supplies of boat parts and accessories

  • Arranging any major boat repairs

  • Purchasing any new boats, selling any "retired" boats

  • Organizing "Sun-Up" and "Sun-Down"